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My favorite place in the world, shooting in the streets of Havana, November, 2014. Photo by Donovan Pee Mahoney.

My favorite place in the world, shooting in the streets of Havana, November, 2014. Photo by Donovan Pee Mahoney.

I honestly don't recall exactly when my fascination with Cuba first began. Most likely it began as a kid when I found out citizens of the United States were prohibited from traveling to Cuba. Of course, when I found out I wasn't allowed to travel to Cuba, the only thing I wanted to do was ... travel to Cuba. As the years passed, I always maintained a strong fascination and sincere interest in Cuba. Ultimately, several years would pass before I finally booked my first trip to Cuba.

Generally speaking, there are so many things about Cuba that both interest and fascinate me. The history, the politics, the architecture, the cars, the music, the art, and, most of all, the Cuban people. I can say without a second of hesitation that the Cubans I've met during my trips to the island are among the nicest, smartest, most hospitable, most passionate, and most sincere people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Based on my collective observations, I've found that Cubans are good, sincere, hardworking people who possess a unique passion and appreciation for life. They are absolutely NOT the hate-filled enemies of America that some would have you believe. In fact, the exact opposite is true ... I'm constantly humbled and amazed while in Cuba by the incredible kindness and hospitality shown to me by Cubans, especially given I'm a total stranger in their country ... who just so happens to hail from the U.S., of all places.

I first traveled to Cuba in 2012 via a People-to-People Cultural Exchange Program. Since that first trip to Havana in 2012, I've visited Cuba more than a dozen times. Each time I visit, I notice more and more progressive changes taking place, for better or worse. Naturally, my numerous personal experiences in Cuba have allowed me to form my own thoughts & opinions on many issues involving Cuba. That said, this is not a political website. I created this website for two main reasons ... (1) to share with people all around the world the incredible unfiltered beauty of Cuba, and (2) to introduce the world to the amazing intellect, kindness, spirit and passion of the Cuban people. 

I also want to acknowledge I'm well aware that Cuba is a complex country currently facing many challenges and hardships. I also want to acknowledge there are very serious struggles & hardships affecting Cubans every single day. Additionally, because I'm neither Cuban born, nor Cuban-American, I realize my perspective & views on Cuba are those of a visiting foreigner.

I mention the above to make it crystal clear that I've never once walked around Cuba blind to the numerous serious hardships and challenges affecting Cubans every single day. However, in my opinion, those who truly love Cuba, and those who are able to put politics aside (even if only for a brief moment) can't possibly deny that Cuba is a country full of endless beauty and home to some of the kindest, most amazing people in the world.

I welcome & encourage any & all comments, input, feedback and/or questions. All comments, questions, etc. go directly to me, and are answered only by me. I'm also listing my contact information below. Finally, I'll be adding photos to this website on a regular basis ... so what you see now is only the beginning.

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to recognize and acknowledge some of the legendary Cuban photographers whose collective works inspired me to pick up a camera and pursue photography in Cuba. Those photographers include (but aren't limited to) Osvaldo y Roberto Salas, Raúl Corrales, Perfecto Romero, Liborio Noval, Jose Figueroa, and, my personal favorite photographer, Alberto Diaz (Korda). Korda's "La niña con la muñeca de palo" remains my favorite photograph of all time. 

- Michael Petit

PS- I also want to add a sincere thank you to all the people who have been so supportive of my photography on Instagram, Google +, Facebook, and Twitter. I can't begin to express how humbled I am on a daily basis at the support I receive from the members of those communities. So, thank you again to all ...


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